List of thoughts of power and healing

The thoughts we hold in our heads and the words we speak constantly shape our world and experiences. Many of us have an ingrained habit of negative thinking, and we are unaware of the damage we do to ourselves.

By reading this list of thoughts of power and healing every day, everything described in them will attract into your life for sure! The main thing is to believe in what we say and to think about what we say.

  • My healing is already happening.

My willingness to forgive begins my healing process. I allow the love of my heart to wash, cleanse, and heal every part of my body. I know that I am worthy (worthy) of healing.

  • I trust my inner wisdom.

When I go about my daily business, I listen to my inner voice. My intuition is always on my side. I trust her, she is always inside me. I am calm (calm).

  • I am ready to forgive.

Forgiving myself and others frees me from the past. Forgiveness is the solution to almost all problems. Forgiveness is my gift to myself. I forgive and am set free.

  • I am deeply satisfied in all that I do.

Every moment of the day is special to me as I follow my higher instincts and listen to my heart. I am at peace (calm) with my world and my business.

  • I trust in the flow of life.

Life flows smoothly and rhythmically, and I, am part of it. Life sustains me and brings me only good and positive experiences. I trust that the flow of life will bring me the highest good.

  • I have the perfect living space.

I see myself living (living) in a wonderful home. It fulfills all my desires and meets all my needs. It is beautifully located and costs as much as I can easily afford to pay.

  • I can free myself from the past and forgive everyone

I free myself and everyone in my life from old hurts. They are free, and I am free (free) to move on to a beautiful new experience.

  • The power is always centered in the present moment.

The past is consigned to oblivion and has no power over me. I can become free (free) right in this moment. Today’s thoughts create my future. I am in control and reclaiming my power. I am calm(calm) and free(free).

  • I am calm(yna), it’s just a change.

I overcome all obstacles with joy and ease. What I have lived evolves into a wonderful new experience. My life is getting better and better.

  • I want to change.

I want to free myself from old negative beliefs. The things that are blocking my way are just thoughts. My new thoughts are positive and creative.

  • Freedom is my divine right.

I am free (free) in my thinking and can only choose good thoughts. I rise above the limitations of the past and gain freedom. I now become all that I was (was) created to be.

  • I discard all fears and doubts.

My choice now is to free myself from all destructive fears and doubts. I accept myself and create peace in my heart and soul. I am loved (loved) and protected (protected).

  • The divine mind guides me.

Throughout this day, I am helped to make choices. The divine mind continually guides me in achieving my goals. I am at peace (calm).

  • I love life.

My inalienable right from birth is to live fully and freely. I give life exactly what I want to get out of life. I am happy (happy) to be alive. I love life!

  • I love my body.

I create peace in my soul, and my body reflects my peace of mind in the form of perfect health.

  • Every bit of my experience I turn into an opportunity.

Every problem has a solution. My entire experience provides me with opportunities to learn and grow. I am calm(at peace).

  • I am at peace(s).

Divine peace and harmony surround me and dwell within me. I feel tolerance, empathy and love for all people, including myself.

  • I am adaptable.

I am open (open) to all that is new and changeable. Every moment provides a wonderful new opportunity to get closer to who I am. I float through life easily and freely.

  • I now rise above the fears and limitations of others.

My decision creates my experience. I am not limited in my ability to create good in my life.

  • I am worthy of love.

I do not have to try to earn love. I am worthy of love because I exist. Those around me reflect my own love for myself.

  • My thoughts are creative.

I say «Out!» to any negative thought that enters my brain. No person, no place, no thing has power over me, for I am the sole creator of my thoughts. I create my reality and everything in it.

  • I am at peace with my sexuality.

I enjoy my sexuality and my body. My body is perfect for me in this life. I embrace myself with love and compassion.

  • I am at peace with my age.

Every age has its own special joys and experiences. My age is always perfect for a given place in my life.

  • The past is gone forever.

It is a new day. A day I have never lived (lived) before. I stay in the present and enjoy every moment of it.

  • I am freed from all criticism.

I give only what I wish to receive in return. My love and approval come back to me in every moment of my life.